Teach a Little (Wo)Man

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Teach a Little (Wo)Man

I like reading alright, but I’m a pretty visual person. In fact, my design skills came about as a result of my desire to better communicate about the issues I was working on. Sometimes I may look like I’m listening, but unless I’m giving something to visualize (or doodling it myself) it’s going in one ear and out the other. I know I’m not alone here… Looking at that diagram, if I’m seeing & hearing something–according to William Glasser–I’m still only has functioning at 50%.

Why does it matter?

Education is one of the most important factors in any social change campaign. Most (I said most, not all) people are doing something because they just don’t know any reason not to or any better way. If I want someone to move the mark or make a change, I really need them to get WHY it’s important. This involves learning about the issue. If I can experience the issue (and the solution) — touch it, feel it, see it, smell it — it’s probably going to leave an impression on. Ok, 80% ain’t bad!

BUT, if I really want someone to “GET” something I ask them to teach it someone else. Most all of my campaigns revolve around working with upcoming generations. Why? Because they aren’t distracted, stuck in their ways, attached to making money and black in the heart yet! More importantly, I work with youth because they aren’t too busy to tell a friend! In fact, that’s what they do. They talk to friends. So if I want a campaign to be successful, I add these magic ingredients. YOUTH + TEACHING. When was the last time you were schooled by a high-schooler? You should try it! You’d be quite amazed!