Since 2009 I’ve been teaching at Green Ambassadors Institute, a program created in partnership between Environmental Charter Schools and UCLA Extension that empowers educators to implement fun, meaningful environmental learning into their classrooms.  We teach educators how to incorporate interdisciplinary, project-based environmental service learning that empowers students to inspire and lead the change they wish to see in the world.

Courses, taught by myself and a team of multi-disciplinary teachers, make service learning easy and hands-on environmental problems solving fun!  Everyone from Elementary, Middle and High School teachers and administrators to non-profit executives have benefited from the coursesl  As a result, the Green Ambassadors Program has been implemented at more than 30 schools across California.

We offer a comprehensive, modular curriculum that supports students in environmental investigation, problem solving and most importantly, sharing solutions.  The curriculum–developed by myself and a national board certified veteran teacher–makes it easy for students to engage their community in environmental solutions through student-run events,  presentations, lesson plans, art with a message, photography, media outreach and fun.