2017 has been a rough year for those of us engaged in environmental and social justice. But it’s also been a year of exponentially increasing desire to get involved in politics. For years I’ve been been engaged in local and national policy; I even host pizza + politics parties around elections. For years, I’ve wanted to do more and now my time had finally come! (Trump, making dreams come true)!

It was time to cut through the national drama and roll our sleeves up on issues that matter in our states and cities. Together with a team of educators I helped to plan a day where people doing hard-hitting policy work would join us to help educate and train people ready to activate their classrooms and communities in local policy. On November 21, two days before Thanksgiving, more than 100 organizers, educators and students came to hear speakers and attend workshops led by NRDC, Heal the Bay, UCLA, LA Waterkeepers. We celebrated recent wins, talked about policies we can sink our teeth into and got trained in how to do so powerfully. We all left inspired and more equipped to return to our communities to put policy in the hand of the PEOPLE!