Pizza + Politics

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Pizza + Politics
When election season comes around, my phone starts to blow up. Turns out, my pizza+politics party has become quite a hot ticket.  I gather my most well-informed, connected and progressive friends and we go over all the California propositions.  This year we had 17 propositions to go over.  Friends came early, stayed late, we ate, drank and left with this cheat sheet.  Happy voting!

  • PROP 51- NO – This seems pretty “developer” friendly and developer backed. Money is going to NEW construction, we feel like we need money for good teachers and up keeping existing facilities. Also, there’s no oversight for the money going to schools/areas in need or for equity. Who’s to say the most needy neighborhoods are going to get the money. Fiscally speaking, we don’t really have this in the budget. The group collectively felt that these decisions should be made on a local level vs state level.
  • PROP 52 – YES, this is broadly supported across all party lines. Medi-Cal is working, lets keep it going.
  • PROP 53 – NO This would require voter approval on $2billion plus projects, which are hard to pass already. Doesn’t include any exemptions for emergency/disaster preparedness
  • PROP 54 – PERSONALLY I’M A YES, THE GROUP WAS SPLIT + LEANING YES – Requires legislature to post bills 3 days in advance. We appreciate the transparency and as activists we’ve had many instances where the 3 days to know the bill and get on the phone with legislators would have been super helpful. It’s a good practice, our only woe is that it may give big money more time to sway. On the flip, it will prevent shady legislation from being passed on a Friday before a holiday weekend when most people cant weigh in.
  • PROP 55 – YES – This taxes higher earners ($250K annually) and gives the money to education and healthcare. Sounds great. But the caveat is that it extends it for 12 years, which is an argument that it puts a bandaid on the bigger broken tax code that our legislators need to fix.
  • PROP 56 – YES – Taxes cigarettes and puts the money towards Medi-Cal and anti-tobacco education.
  • PROP 57 – YES – the main opposing argument is that “non violent” crimes include things that aren’t actually in the code – this WILL NOT let rapers out of jail, instead it will prevent juveniles from being tried as adults unless a juvenile judge agrees it’s necessary, it also give youth more chance for rehabilitation and reintegration. Incentivizes good behavior and participation in whatever educational and personal/ professional development opportunities are offered.
  • PROP 58 – YES – this is good for non english speaker, for english speakers, for our nation
  • PROP 59 – YES, THIS isn’t by any means the answer, but JESUS we need to do something about this. California holds gravity on federal issues and we need corporate money out of politics. This is the most important issue undermining ALL of our political, environmental social issues. YES!
  • PROP 60 – NO – seems overreaching, the porn industry doesn’t support this, why are we? Opens up citizen litigation for DIY porn. Sexual health is important, lets figure out how to address it as it’s own issue.
  • PROP 61 – YES – The main argument is that this is going to screw veterans, that’s not true. Veterans pay a co-pay and their rates won’t increase. This is a signal to big pharma — stop screwing us and partying on your yachts.
  • PROP 62- YES – Repeals death penalty and makes it life in prison without parole. We can’t always be sure we’re write with the death penalty. In fact, we’ve been wrong before. This lessens the burdens of loved ones in the ongoing process. If fiscal matters to you — this is a huge cost to the state. We haven’t executed someone in 10 years, we’re just paying for it.
  • PROP 63 – YES! Background checks, duh and makes possession of large capacity magazines illegal (sale of large capacity magazines is already illegal).
  • PROP 64 – YES. People are looking to California on this decision. If you agree weed should be a yes, then be a yes. Decriminalize instances for people of color, marginalized populations. This will lessen the burden on our prison systems. The argument that will usher BIG weed to come in and take over actually has nothing to do with this. Supposedly it is much better written than OR, WA, CO bills.
  • PROP 65 – NO This is a deceptive bill that the plastic bag industry put on the ballot to confuse you. If this AND 67 pass then the one with more votes wins. We already passed 67 and then big plastic money got it on the ballot AGAIN. Yes on 67 no on 65. According to San Jose Mercury “Prop 65 deserves consideration as one of the most disingenuous ballot measure in state history.”
  • PROP 66 – NO – This is death penalty on speed. It limits successive petitions and it expedites the process -increasing the margin for error (more than it is now). Similarly to 65 and 67, If this and PROP 62 both pass, the one with the MOST votes wins. And we wanted Prop 62 to win.
  • PROP 67 – YES, ban the bag, we already passed this.
  • MEASURE A -YES Adds a little to property tax (1.5 cents to upgraded properties) to cover parks beaches and water.
  • MEASURE M – YES 0.5 cent sales tax increase to go to public transportation, metros, bike lanes. Arguments are that money goes to rail, not enough to buses, and that money is concentrated in West and Central LA and the valley, SE LA not happy. As driverless cars come into play for the richy techies we need to secure dollars for public transpo while we still can.
  • MEASURE CC – YES – Sounds good, haven’t done a ton of research. But money to community college education.
  • MEASURE HHH – YES homelessness relief
  • MEASURE JJJ – NO (the group was kind of split here) We all agree we need more affordable housing in LA, but this measure is seems very restrictive (like almost prohibitive). Also, there are two other plans being worked on that address affordable housing that are coming down the pipeline soon, including one from Garcettii and Mitch O’Farell. However NRDC, ACLU and SAGE are all in support. Urban planning by ballot proposition is generally bad (vs. economic need).
  • MEASURE RRR – NO – Transfers oversight from City Council to DWP, decreases transparency DWP needs the oversight.