Playing Hooky

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Playing Hooky

(photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP)

My friends and I played hooky today. This wasn’t a Ferris Bueller’s Day off type of day (but those are really fun). My GRADE-A friends (Marty Benson, Eduardo Manilla) and I spent our day getting crazy at a California Coastal Commission hearing. There’s nothing quite like the energy that comes from watching the people you play with completely silence a room full of officials, scientists, engineers and lawyers by standing up for what they believe. It’s a bit like jumping off that scary waterfall or catching that wave that’s a little too big! It’s like coming to life. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

Some of my friends, Chad Nelsen and Stefanie Sekich, actually get paid to do this sh!t. Stefanie, a mother, wife and bona fide bad@ss, makes a living (spelled: scrapes by) standing up to developers, toll road mongers, frackers and fu(c)kers. Its a thankless job mostly (except those one in a million days that you celebrate having Saved Trestles after 7 years of working on the campaign….only to turn around the next day and start fighting the same fight again).

I guess what I”m getting at is: Get up, grab your friends (hopefully they are as smart and shining as mine!) get involved and give yourselves to what you care about in your community…cause when you do it right, it ends in victories like today’s:


A+ for our California Coastal Commissioners. After an all-day hearing — and testimony from hundreds of activists — California Coastal Commisison voted 10:0 against seismic testing of the coast of Diablo Canyon in Southern California, denying PG&E a permit to conduct tests to prove their nuclear power plant safe. This, folks, is activism celebrated.

The plan was not only purposeless and wasteful ($64 million project)…it was harmful. PG&E was seeking permits to detonate air cannons every 15 second for 17 straight days–harming marine mammals and surfers–in order to make California feel a little bit safer about having unnecessary nuclear power plants on our Coastline. Activists stood up and said, “NO, we don’t need your testing”…”we don’t even want this power plant here.”

According to this LA Times article: “Educator Lindsey Jurca (tee-hee) summed up many of the statements when she told the panel: ‘A nuclear power plant on a fault line is dangerous. Period.'”

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