A War Worth Fighting

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A War Worth Fighting

Plastics showed up on the scene in the 1950’s, the same time that industries—once pre-occupied with feeding World War II—found themselves idle and, therefore, able to fulfill consumer dreams.  Enter the era of convenience.

Seems appropriate, then, that we are now fighting wars, for the same things that plastics eat up and chew out.  I’ve created some infographics to illustrate just how much water, money and oil are siphoned from the system when we use plastic water bottles.



This is a war we can fight on our own turf. Ask the easter bunny for a Klean Kanteen (this one’s insulated, which keeps a beer cool overnight, or a coffee hot for the next morning. Pick your poison).

Better yet, slap a sticker on an old peanut butter jar, this sh!t is free, so its no big deal if you accidently leave it at the next party.

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