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I never thought I’d utter these words, but a month in India can make life back in Venice Beach seems a bit, well…mundane.

This video just about sums up how India wrapped me up and whirled me around. It represents nearly everything I love, and most miss about this first-class, “third-world” country.

Millions of bodies flung together
Making their way through the day.

As many languages as there are sounds
Melting together to create an orchestra so flawless it almost slips away.

Patience. So beautiful, it swallows the underlying pressure.
Chaos: constant, yet never hurried.

Cars, bikes, people and cows, dancing together, as if they’ve practiced for years….
They have.

Answers we’ve struggled to calculate, crunch and debate
Presenting themselves naturally, out of pure necessity.
You can almost taste the instinct
Weighing so heavily on your tongue it almost rivals the humidity.

Tradition precedes,
Superstition following closely.

This is a land of many lessons,
Flow, mostly.

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