Plastic Bath

Plastic Bath

How’s about a bath?  
I think not!

And this is exactly why I’m headed to India.

Every day, the Yamuna River–the lifeline of Dehli, India’s Capital–receives more than 3 billion litres (more than 1.5 billion pounds) of waste.

Pollution has doubled from 1993 to 2005 despite the fact that india has spent nearly $500 million on waste treatment stations along the river.  And, sources show that aside from raw sewage, plastics account for the majority of the waste found in India’s rivers (more than 70% of the waste found in some rivers).

Here, a devout Hindu bathes in the Yamuna — one of India’s most sacred rivers.  The Yamuna, which provides 90% of Dehli’s water, meets the Ganges before it runs to the sea.

I’ll be joining 5Gyres & youth activist Jordan Howard to explore the issue first hand.  We’ll be working with local schools, empowering youth to find solutions.  Stay tuned.

Sources: Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment).

Image: Reuters

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